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Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna

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in Wave Mechanics and Vibrations



The JIET organized 3rd National conference on Applicable Mathematics in Wave Mechanics and Vibrations in collaboration with Von Karman Society for Advanced Study and Research in Mathematical and Social Sciences, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal in Oct 15-17, 2006.

Chief Patron :

Shri Jaiprakash Gaur, Managing Trustee and Pro-Chancellor, JUIT

Patron :

Shri Manoj Gaur, Trustee, JSS

National Advisory Committee :

Dr. Y. Medury, Vice-Chancellor, JUIT

Prof. K. K. Tiwari, Consultant, JIET [Ex Prof. & HOD, Chemical Engg Depart of UDCT, Bombay] Prof. A. K. Mullick, Head – Cement Research Development Centre, JIET [former Director General of National Council for Cement and Building Materials] Prof. N. J. Rao, Director, JIET Prof. K. K. Jain, Dean, JIET Brig.  (Retd.) S. K. Sud, Registrar, JIET

Local Organising Committee :

Prof. D. S. Hooda, Head – Mathematics Dept

Dr. B. K. Mohanty, Head – Electronics & Comm. Engineering Dept.

Dr. Anuj Kumar, Head – Physics Dept.

Dr. Shishir Kumar, Head – Computer Science & Engg Dept.

Dr. H. K. Mahalingam, Head – Chemical Engineering Dept.

Mr. Awaneesh Shrivastva – Head – Professional Development Dept.

Dr. Charu Pathak, Electronics & Comm. Engineering Dept.

Mr. Satish Kumar Singh, Electronics & Comm. Engineering Dept.

Mr. Ravi Kumar, Electronics & Comm. Engineering Dept.

Ms. Sonali Barvey, Computer Science & Engg Dept.

Ms. Divya Agarwal, Mathematics Dept.

Mr. V. C. Pandey, Finance Officer

Scientific Committee :

Dr. P.Biswas (Conference Co-Director) - Prof. Abhijit Mukherjee (IIT, Mumbai)

Prof. S.Karanjai (University of North Bengal) - Prof. G. C.Das (IASST, Guwahati).

Dr. M. Ganapathi (IAT,Girinagar,Pune) - Prof. J.Raamachandran (IIT, Chennai)

Prof. S. Dey (Inst. Of Tech, Bandel) - Prof. P. K. Datta (IIT, Kharagpur)

Dr. V. Balamurugan (CEAD, DRDO) - Prof. Bhola Ishwar (Muzaffarpur University)

Aims and Objectives Of WMVC :

Over the years during the 20th century every branch of Mathematics, Pure or Applied, has been enriched and developed through continuous efforts, cultivation and contribution by researchers in different fields like Social, Physical, Mathematical and Engineering Sciences. Analysis of scientific thoughts and problems of science and engineering have been made through the language of Mathematics and as a result Mathematics as a subject is continuously getting intensive development through the passage of time. The purpose of holding such conferences is to bring together, on a common platform, scientists, engineers and researchers along with other eminent academic personalities in selected applied branches. They would get ample scope to make exchange of views, ideas and thoughts besides presentation of papers and development of techniques as result of intensive research in the area of the conference-themes. Considering the importance of the titled conference in view of enormous applications of the topics in wave mechanics and vibration sciences, structural mechanics, aeronautics, nuclear and atomic power reactors, biomedical engineering, computer science and in different branches of engineering, holding of such a conference of national and global importance will open scope for attending by those persons who have been working in the area of the conference topics. It is expected that different mathematical methods and innovative skills employed in different class of problems of mathematical sciences and possible future developments will be intensively discussed during the conference.

Conference Sub - Topics :

*Nonlinear Phenomena in Mathematical and Physical Sciences,
*Mathematical and Computational Methods, Astrophysical Problems,
*Mechanics of Solids and Structural Mechanics,
*Elastic Wave Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics and Plasma Physics,
*Vibrations of Beams/Plates/Shells including Thermal and Random Vibrations,
*Thermal Stresses, Thermal Buckling and Post-Buckling Analysis,
*Mechanical Behaviour of Structures at Elevated and Cryogenic Temperatures,
*Boundary – Value Problems,
*Engineering, Physical and Medical Acoustics, Architectural and Highway Acoustics
*Applications in fields like Music, Speech and Hearing
*Recent Developments and Applications.

Conference Director

Conference Co-Director

Prof . (Dr.) N. J. Rao
Jaypee Institute of Engineering & Technology
AB Road, Raghogarh-473226
Dist –Guna (MP)
E-Mail: nj.rao@jiet.ac.in,

Dr. P. Biswas
Vibration Research Group Executive Secretary,
Von Karman Society for Advanced Study and Research in Mathematical & Social Sciences,
Old Police Line, Jalpaiguri-735101, W.B.   Phone: 03561- 256894
E-Mail : biswas_paritosh@yahoo.com

Organizing Secretary
Dr. Vipin Tyagi
Jaypee Institute of Engineering and Technology
AB road Raghogarh - 473226
Dist- Guna (MP)
E-mail : vipin.tyagi@jiet.ac.in

Program Schedule

SUNDAY,  October 15 , 2006   

9.30 AM - 10.30 AM

Inaugural Programme

10.30 AM – 11.00 AM

Inaugural Tea

11.00 AM – 12.00 Noon

Technical Session Chairman : Prof. Maskara Co-Chairman : Prof Biswas

(Special Invited Session)

Dr. A. K. Mullick (Former DG, National Council for Cement and Building Materials, Ministry of Industries, GOI)

Dr.V.K.Agarwal ( Ex- Principal, D. N. College, Meerut)

12.00 Noon – 1.00 PM

Technical Session – II
Chairman :Anirudh Pradhan Cochair:Bhola Ishwar

2.00 PM – 3.30 PM 

Technical Session – III   
Chairman : Abhijit Sarkar  Co-Chairman : I.Husain

4.00 PM – 5.30 PM

Technical Session – IV   
Chairman:G.Mohanty  Co-Chairman : Charu Pathak

7.00 PM – 9.00 PM 


9.00 PM – 10.00 PM



MONDAY, October 16, 2006

9.00 AM – 10.30 AM

Technical Session – V
Chairman: M.K.Mazumdar Co-Chairman H. Mahalingam

11.00 AM – 1.00 PM

Technical Session – VI
Chairman: S.Karanjai  Co-Chairman B K Mohanty

2.00 PM – 3.30 PM 

Technical Session – VII
Chairman : AV Pathak Co-Chairman Prof. Hussain

4.00 P.M.- 5.30 P.M 

Visit to GAIL


TUESDAY , October 17, 2006

9.00 AM – 10.30 AM

Technical Session – IX
Chairman: V.K.Agarwal Co-Chair Shishir Kumar

11.00 AM – 1.00 PM   

Technical Session – X
Chairman: J H Agarwal Co-Chair: Satish Kumar

2.00 PM – 3.30 PM

Technical Session – XI
Chairman: J Akhtar Co-Chairman: Anuj Kumar

4.00 P.M.- 5.30 P.M

Closing Ceremony


List of Participants:

Dr. J.H.Agarwal(Jabalpur)


Dr.Ashish Arora(Guru Nanak Dev University/Amritsar)

Dr.Santimay Kundu(Dhanbad)

Dr.Shyam Sundar Agarwal(Bargarh/Orissa)

Dr.Abhijit Sarkar , Faridabad

Dr.Susmita Majumdar(CITM/Faridabad)

Dr.Gopal Pathak(Meerut)

Dr.Anirudh Pradhan (Gazipur)

Mr. Deepak Srivastava (B R A Bihar University/Muzaffarpur)

Mr. Sudhir Srivastav  (B R A Bihar University/Muzaffarpur) 

Mr. Badam Singh Kushvah (B R A Bihar University/Muzaffarpur)

Mr. Avdesh Kumar (B R A Bihar University/Muzaffarpur)

Mr. Dilbagh Singh Panjab University/ Chandigarh

Mr. Aarti Khurana Panjab University/ Chandigarh

Mr. Sanasam Sarat Singh Panjab University/ Chandigarh

Dr.S.K.Tomar Panjab University/ Chandigarh

Prof.(Dr.) S.Karanjai, Jalpaiguri

Dr.M.Ghosh, Jalpaiguri

Dr.S.Basak, Jalpaiguri

Dr.Anjan Roy Choudhury, North Bengal University/Darjeeling

Mr. Z.Islam, North Bengal University/Darjeeling

Dr.P.Biswas, Jalpaiguri

Prof. S.R.Das, Calcuta

Mr. Bapi Karmakar, Jalpaiguri

Jigar Gandhi, Sci/Engr. - 'SC', ISRO, Ahmedabad


Dr.Durgesh Pant

Dr. Sarika Sharma( New Delhi)

Dr.Ashish Saxena (Amrapali Institute/ Haldwani)


P.K.Sahu  (Sambalpur University/Orissa)

S.K.Sahoo (Sambalpur University/Orissa)

Dr.Anuj Kumar, JIET

Mr.Satish Kumar Singh, JIET

Mr.Ravi Kumar, JIET

Dr. H.Mahalingam, JIET

Dr.Shishir Kumar, JIET

Ms. Sonali Barvey, JIET

Dr. Charu Pathak, JIET

Ms. Divya Agrawal, JIET

D.S.Hooda, JIET

Dr. VipinTyagi, JIET



Dr. Vipin Tyagi
Department of CSE
Organizing Secretary



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