Mr. Akshay Jain (MEC) Awarded Ph.D. Degree in July, 2020 by the University

Prof. Vipin Tyagi elected as Member, Board of Governers of Engineering Council of India (ECI) for 2 years.

Ms. Anju Shukla (CSE) & Mr. Veervrat Singh Chandrawanshi (ECE) Awarded Ph.D. Degree in June, 2020 by the University

Gargi Sawhney, CSE (2014-18) awarded GHC 20 Student Scholarship

One of our alumni B.Tech (ECE) 2006- 2010 batch Dr. Abhay Kumar Sah, Joined Assistant Professor at IIT Roorkee.

We congratulate Prof. Vipin Tyagi, Head of Faculty (Mathematical Sciences), HOD - Mathematics who has been elected as the Honorary Secretary of Computer Society of India.

Mr. Mahesh Kumar Singh (ECE) Awarded Ph.D. Degree in March, 2020 by the University

Ms. Khushboo Kumar (HSS) & Mr. Girish Dutt Gautam (MEC) Awarded Ph.D. Degree in February, 2020 by the University

Mr. Amit Kumar Srivastava (CSE), Mr. Surendra Kumar Parashar (Chemistry) and Ms. Mamta Pandey (CSE) Awarded Ph.D. Degree in December, 2019 by the University

Mr. Yogesh Shrivastava (MEC) and Ms. Reetu Kumari (Mathematics) Awarded Ph.D. Degree in October, 2019 by the University

Mr. Shekhar Singh (HSS) and Ms. Sushmita Sharma (CHE) Awarded Ph.D. Degree in June, 2019 by the University

Ms. Priyanka Joshi (MEC) Awarded Ph.D. Degree in May, 2019 by the University

Mr. Mahendra Singh Yadav (ECE) and Ms. Mukta Tripathi (Physics) Awarded Ph.D. Degree in April, 2019 by the University

Mr. Abhishek Gupta (Er. No.-181B009) B Tech CSE 1st Year has received Rs.150000/-(One Lakh Fifty Thousand) as Chief Minister Meritorious Scholarship for the 2018-19 session

Mr. Sanjeev Pandey (HSS) and Mr. Sanjeev Kumar (ECE) Awarded Ph.D. Degree in March, 2019 by the University

Mr. Ashok Kumar Sharma (ECE) of 2005-09 batch selected Senior Scientist in ISRO (Spacecraft Controller, Mars Mission)

Ms. Ranu Gupta (ECE) Awarded Ph.D. Degree in January, 2019 by the University

Mr. Ankit Sharma (MEC) of 2011-15 batch qualified in Indian Engineering Service (IES-2018) conducted by UPSC.

Ms. Divya Devi (CSE) 2015-19 batch qualfied CAT-2018 with 98.15 percentile.

Mr. Anurag Tiwari, Alumni of MTech(CSE) 2011-13 batch, currently working as Manager- Technical Solutions, Head Office, Center of Digital Excellence (CODE) Private Limited., successfully developed and deployed "Inaya", A female humanoid(Robot). Inaya will solve minor and major issues faced in our daily lives. It can interact like a companion or work as an assistant and is being developed for varied uses in different sectors like Banking, Healthcare, Airports, and Metro Stations etc.