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JUET Youth Club (JYC)
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The J.U.E.T Youth club, better known as JYC, amongst students and faculty members, was formed in 2004. Since it's formation, it is responsible for organizing various literary, cultural, sports and technical events every year. JYC endeavors its members in gainfully utilizing their time and energy beyond the normal academic activities, which help them to inculcate the moral values and feeling of social responsibility in themselves. Since its, JUET Youth CLUB is truly succeeded  in achieving its goal by providing the students a platform for exercing  their interests  and managerial skills. Every year the basket of variety of events involves and entertains the entire student community and provides them the opportunity for planning and execution of events outside the class room. This gives students real life exposure and experience. Activities are carefully planned to provide a stimulating environment for nurturing of excellence, self-confidence and personality and inspiring team based goal achievement. It is totally run by students under the able guidance of the faculty co-ordinators.

JUET Youth Club, being the active body behind conduct of this festival involves students participation to the farthest extent, creating a charged up effervescent zeal and enthusiasm. The platform provided by JYC through its absolute support from the back-end gives a thrust to the talent of the future engineers to come up and express themselves. The onus of spreading a wave of turmoil is beard by the students.

The JYC is divided into four sub-clubs or wings. Each wing is responsible for organizing and managing their own events.

1. The Literary WingThe Literary Wing organizes and manages all the literary activities, english plays and gives a platform to students to express their literary talents. The Literary Wing also publishes university magazine (Vartika) and the alumni brochure (Atisrga) on an annual basis.

2. The Cultural Wing : The Cultural Wing provides an aggrandized platform to members to polish their hobbies of music , dance and dramatics. The Cultural Wing perennially organizes mega events like Freshers, Cultural fest and musical nites.

3. The Sports Wing The Sports Wing ensure that all the hunger for action is replenished. The Sports Wing is responsible for organizing intra and inter university sports tournaments. JUET Guna has been a host university for organizing Inter University sports meets of all the three Jaypee Universities.

4. The Arts & Events Management Wing : The Arts and Events Management Wing sees to it that the artists of J.U.E.T are given a great platform to improve and polish their skills. Besides organizing the events on fine arts the Wing has always been on the forefront of managing all the major events of JYC.

JYC Committee 2018-19

Dr. D.K. Shukla - Faculty Advisor
Dr. (Mrs.) Shefali Sharma - Member
Shri K.P. Mishra - Member
Shri Deepak Sharma - Member
Cultural Wing Committee:  
Dr. Dilip kumar Sharma - Incharge
Dr. Abhishek Shukla - Member
Dr. Manish Kumar Patidar - Member
Dr. S.K. Srivastava - Member
Mr. Manoj Dubey - Member
Mr. Gaurav Saxena - Member
Mr. Navaljeet Singh Arora - Member
Mr. Amit Kelotra - Member
Ms. Rishika Chouhan - Member
Literary Wing Committee:  
Dr. Rahul Pachauri - Incharge
Dr. Vikram Singh Chauhan - Member
Mr. Rohit Mishra - Member
Mr. Kedari Lal Dhakar - Member
Art & Event Management Wing:
Dr. Rajesh K Vishwakarma - Incharge
Dr. S.C. Das - Member
Dr. Bali Ram Gupta - Member
Mr. Shrinarayan Yadav - Member
Sports Wing Commitee:  
Dr. Bhagat Singh - Incharge
Mr. Pankaj Dumka - Member
Dr. (Mrs.) Shefali Sharma - Member
Dr. K.N. Gupta - Member
Dr. Ratnesh Litoriya - Member
Dr. Subodh Singhal - Member
Mr. Swapnil Verma - Member
Media Wing Committee:  
Dr. Kamini Bhasin - Incharge
Mr. Rahul Shrivastava - Member
Mr. Abhishek Verma - Member








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